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A classic product among vaporizer systems is the Arizer V-Tower. This article is about our V-Tower 4 review. We took a close look at the strengths and weaknesses. Although we could not find many negative things, there are some that need to be mentioned, especially if you’re interested in buying the V-Tower 4.0. To sum up our opinion about the tower vaporizer in one sentence: It is a good product at an affordable price with some minor issues.

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Arizer V-Tower review

The Arizer review shows that the V-Tower 4 vaporizer is a good allround product when it comes to vaping at home. For portable use cases smaller vape pens are a better option, but this should go without saying. The vaporizer is constructed elaborated and solid. If you’re interested in this product, make sure you’re looking at the correct one when comparing prices. The Arizer V-Tower has been released in different versions and various years. Our pricing overview helps you to find the best Arizer offer.

Price overview

Our opinion on the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer System

Vaporizer systems are usually more powerful than portable vape pens or small devices. The advantage about that is that they allow more functionality and options. The Arizer V-Tower vaporizer system allows you to heat up to very specific temperatures. Whatever you choose, the temperature will stay exactly where it should be. Heating up only takes around 20 seconds. Therefore the Arizer V-Tower 4.0 can be used very fast.

The chamber for herbs can be touched anytime because of its rubber case. The glass above will get hot however. In our Arizer V-Tower review two members of our team managed it to burn their fingers so watch out with the glass parts. Besides that the vaporizer system is built reasoned, safe and solid.

The pricing of the Arizer V-Tower is considered fair. When it comes to vaporizer systems you only get what you pay for. Therefore Arizer did a good job in finding a good balance between functionality and costs. The vaporizer comes with a tube and a quick start guide that allow you to start vaping right away. The mentioned tube could be a bit longer. It is also possible to use another one if you’ve already had another vaporizing system before. Even custom tubes from your dad’s garage are an option although we would not recommend it. There can be deposits in the tube or materials can dissolve. This would not be healthy.

The Arizer V-Tower review showed that the tower vaporizer system offers all functions that similar products do as well. But Arizer made the product work faster and reliable. Also, there are no boundaries when it comes to mix your ingredients, for example dry herbs and e-liquids at once. Let your imagination run free!

Arizer V-Tower review summary

great cost-benefit ratio too short vaping tube
heats up very quickly glass parts can be a weakness
constant temperature
elaborated design
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Extreme Arizer V Tower Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer with Remote Control


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