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The Pax 3 is a very well-known dry herb vape kit. It became popular because of its predecessors, the Pax 1 and the Pax 2. We tested the Pax 3 to take a close look if the 3rd generation also deserves a positive rating, just like the predecessors. The first impression of the vape pen is definitely a good one. All the details can be found in the Pax 3 review below.

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Pax 3 rating
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Pax 3 review

Right before we started our Pax 3 review we noticed that the manufacturer promotes its vape pen with acting “instant, smart and intuitive”. Although these are words that may be used by anyone, it turned out this is the truth. The Pax 3 vape pen heats up in about 20 seconds which is very fast. It is also equipped with smart functionality like heating when you bring the Pax vape pen to your lips and cooling down when you don’t. The intuitive part of the product ads mention vibration and LED indicators for better usability. While last part is nice to have, it is nothing special compared to other vaporizers. Overall the Pax 3 vaporizer convinced in the review. Unfortunately the price might be a blocker, especially for beginners.

Price overview

Our opinion on the Pax 3 Vape Pen

When holding the Pax 3 vape pen in hands, it is obvious that high-quality materials were used to build it. Partially metal, partially plastic – this is a good combination to keep the vaporizer cool on the one hand. On the other hand, it is nice to have something “valuable” in your hands. The team behind the Pax 3 vape pen did a good job to find the perfect balance between those two aspects. Also, the company seems to be pretty confident about its product since it offers a 10-year warranty on technical problems.

The big downsize might be the price of the vaporizer. Especially beginners are seldom willing to pay an amount in the three-digit area. Since there are a lot of affordable options, the price of the Pax 3 seems to be pretty brave. But it is beyond dispute that this product has a lot to offer. Besides the big supply kit consisting of two mouthpieces, one oven screen, one magnetic oven lid, a charger, a maintenance kit and a quick start guide the Pax 3 is also a vape pen that acts quick. Since the battery capacity is very decent for a handy vape pen like that, this is another advantage. Our conclusion regarding the price is: The product is definitely worth it, but it depends on what you’re looking for. If you vape a lot, it will pay off. If you simply need a vaporizer for some special occasions per year, a less expensive product like the X-Max V2 Pro or the Crater 420 might be a better option.

If there’s something you miss or you don’t need, the Pax 3 is offered in three different kits: the complete kit, a basic kit and only the Pax 3 device. Out of these three options, we recommend the basic kit. This is also the one we tested and it seemed to have the best cost-benefit ratio.

Pax 3 review summary

predecessor of 2 reliable generations of Pax Vape Pens high price, especially for beginners
big supply kit or alternatively cheaper without any supplies high build quality, but can get warm in your hands
slim and portable with a 10-year warranty
very nice design
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