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JUUL is a modern vaporizer that became famous due to its slim design, its technology and USB-compatibility as well as the simplicity of the JUUL device. The JUUL vaporizer was created as better alternative to smoking and gained a big community around the brand since then.

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JUUL Vaporizer review

The JUUL vaporizer is a revolutionary alternative to cigarettes made by designers for smokers. In contrast to other vaporizers, JUUL has no buttons, knobs or switches. That makes it easy to handle, nice to look at and efficient in use. It simply works out of the box and indicates its work status by a small light. It is as thin as a USB stick which might be one of the reasons why it can be charged via this connection. Advantages are a big variety of flavours and the overall lack of lingering smell. If you’re looking for a well-designed, modern and simple smoking alternative, JUUL is the right option.

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Our opinion on the JUUL vaporizer

From a technical point of view, JUUL is a state-of-the-art vaporizer that doesn’t lack any features, even though it does not have a lot of options. That may sound ironic but the team behind this vaping product understood that less is more and attracts customers. This aspect definitely made it stand out from the crowd in our JUUL review.

Surely there are less expensive products than JUUL. However, the credo of the manufacturer is high quality and ease of use. Therefore you pay for having fewer troubles, especially when the vaporizer device gets older. While other vapes might need replacement, JUUL doesn’t seem to be prone to failure. A big community around this brand proves that on the one hand. On the other hand, we’ve been using it for several months and could not find any problems either.

Every JUUL pack comes with 4 pods. These pods contain original JUUL E-Liquid that is also sold separately. The full name of these E-liquids is JUULsalts. Is consists of nicotine salts from tobacco leaves and aims for customers of e-cigarettes and vaporizers who prefer products that containing nicotine over nicotine-free items.

JUUL review summary

very easy to use more expensive than other vaporizers or e-cigarettes
future-proof and long-lasting the reputation of the brand causes a surcharge
modern and slim design not upgradeable or modifiable
including useful supplies like vaping pods
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