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The company behind the Nebula X Vaporizer advertises the alternative smoking device with slogans like “a revolution in vaping”. In our Nebula X review we took a close look on it. The first impression was very positive. Since the Nebula vaporizer offers special functionality like adjustable airflow even experienced smokers and vapers will be surprised positively. The strengths and weaknesses of the vaporizer are explainted in detail in the following Nebula X review.

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Nebula X review

As already mentioned in the introduction of this vaporizer review, the Nebula X offers some great functions that similar products simply don’t. One example is the extreme high temperature range between 70°C and 220°C. This makes it easy to vape different dry herbs or concentrates on any desired temperature. It also guarantees a quick heat up time. Since the build quality is high but the price is not this lead to a great rating in our Nebula X review.

Price overview

Our opinion on the Nebula X Vaporizer

A nice thing we’d like to point out at right at the beginning is the 2-year guarantee that Nebula offers for its vaping products. Since the quality is high and underlies U.K. standards this is an advantage compared to lots of products from the Asian region.

Besides the advantages regarding guarantee and a nice set of supplies, the Nebula X Vaporizer has a battery with more storage capacity than most other vapes. With 18650 mAH it offers a runtime of almost two hours consecutively. The battery can also be removed. This gives you the ability to take care of an old or broken battery whenever needed.

The downsides of the Nebula X Vaporizer are that it is limited to dry herbs and concentrates and its price. Although the price is affordable, the costs are above the average. One can argue, that the vaping product also offers functionality that is above the average. While this is true the additional features like the already mentioned adjustable airflow, the precise temperature control or the big battery are not pioneering. We did, however, appreciate the big battery capacity and recommend the Nebula X Vape Mod to anyone who needs a portable vaporizer for long trips. Also, if you simply like having a good feeling about not running out of battery, the Nebula X is the right vaporizer for you.

Nebula X review summary

big battery capacity affordable but the price is above the average
special functionality no high-end materials
high build quality
2-year guarantee
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