Australian vaping laws: government questions vaping health risks

The Australian Ministry of Health agreed to set up investigations regarding cigarette health risks. These investigations and researches will be held independent to study the impact of e-cigs on human health. This is a big step for the Australian Ministry of Health since nicotine-liquids are illegal in the whole country. The reason is that they have been classified as a poison.

Vape devices are currently legal in Australia. However, the nicotine vape refills are not. This makes Australia one of very few countries with pretty strict anti-smoking laws. But the past months have shown a movement in the Australian Government that leads to more support to make nicotine e-cigs legal.

Member of Parliament weighs in

The New South Wales Member of Parliament, Trent Zimmerman is one of the driving forces to get this investigation about e-cigarettes forward. He wrote in a report:

Australia’s approach to E-cigarettes is also marked by inconsistency. E-cigarettes not containing nicotine are legally available in most states and, despite the domestic prohibition on sale and purchase, can be legally imported by individuals through the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s Personal Importation Scheme with a prescription. There is also something obviously inconsistent about cigarettes being legally available while a less harmful nicotine product is not.

Optimistic responses to vaping research

The Twitter channel “Legalise Vaping Australia” seems to be happy about this news. They twittered about “some positive movement towards the legalization of vaping in Australia.”

Also, other stakeholders from the tobacco industry are looking forward to these investigations. While medical practitioners may be sceptical about potential changes in the law, supporters argue that it should be everyone’s own decision if and what they would like to smoke. This debate will be an important one in the Australian Government for the next months as it could mean big changes in their smoking laws. We will keep you updated about this matter.