Recommendation and warning of e-cigarettes

In Germany there have been several news reports about e-cigarettes recently. The interesting thing about these news reports is that they have been pretty controversial. While vascular doctors recommend e-cigarettes as a good alternative for smokers, drug czars warn of the health issues and do not recommend alternative smoking products at all.

German vascular doctors and cooperating companies did researches on alternative smoking devices. Although their researches were done for persons and companies with interest on these topics – like the tobacco industry – they rely on the scientifically sounded results. On the other hand and almost at the same time, a drug czar of the German government dissents. She thinks that alternative smoking products might be a huge danger for everybody using them over a long time. For smokers and interested persons these news reports are a contradiction and don’t lead to the answer some people are looking for.

Dissents on alternative smoking devices

How come the dissents on this topic are rather big? Often one of the problems is that researchers are looking at different angles of a problem. While studies for the tobacco industry might highlight the positive aspects and the “entertainment” aspects of smoking, drug czars will focus on long-time health issues. Depending on the fact of focussing on long-time or short-time health issues the results of smoking or vaping studies can vary heavily.

Circumvented laws

The drug czar of the German government thinks there is a problem with circumventing laws. In an interview she said:

I see a tendency that laws, exiting laws for tobacco products are circumvented. E-liquids and nicotine-based liquids are regulated by law. But now new liquids without nicotine are on the market. Those are not regulated at all and don’t need to pass a law. They are advertised as great products with nice and colorful slogans but there is no health protection, consumer protection or youth protection.

These controversial results of doctors and drug czars make it difficult for smokers to decide which reports are reliable. We will definitely keep you updated and post more news on vaping studies and smoking research.